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Moved to England from America. 19. Feminist. Traveler. Studying Development to see the world but missing literature from time to time.



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F is for vodka

U is for vodka

N is for vodka

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Misty Mountain Hop || Led Zeppelin

  • This is about a “love-in” near London that was broken up by the police. Robert Plant explained: “It’s about a bunch of hippies getting busted, about the problems you can come across when you have a simple walk in the park on a nice sunny afternoon. In England it’s understandable, because wherever you go to enjoy yourself, ‘Big Brother’ is not far behind.”
  • The Misty Mountains are in Wales. They are referred to in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Return Of The King. Plant is a big fan of Tolkien and used references to the Lord Of The Rings series from time to time.
  • Led Zeppelin wrote and recorded this at Headley Grange, a mansion with a recording studio in Hampshire, England, where the band sometimes lived.
  • This begins with John Paul Jones playing electric piano.
  • The band performed this at the Atlantic Records 40th anniversary concert in 1988 with Jason Bonham sitting in on drums for his late father. They played it again with Jason at the 21st birthday party for Robert Plant’s daughter Carmen, and again in 2007 at a London benefit concert for the Ahmet Ertegun education fund.

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Hmm, I’m feeling pretty down in the dumps today… Perhaps really getting into my work will help. 

*Opens today’s editing project

"Development and Tears" 



*doesn’t check bank account*
*pretends everything is fine*

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The Grand Budapest Hotel - Wes Anderson

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Her: We finish each other’s s-
Me: -ocial justice rants.

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